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Sunday, June 16, 2013

"The Tiki Bar is Open" -- Summer 2013

It's always a great feeling to finally have all the summer plants in the ground and in pots.  This year, Iowa's weather was pretty uncooperative, but it's finally done! 
Above is the most tropical area and the top portion of our back deck under the pergola.  Fronds and palms, lots of pink flowers, and a couple flamingos in the corner.
This pic shows more of the back yard (and the neighbors' back yards).  Of course we have to have a little Margaritaville sign.
This one shows the lower portion of the deck and bar-height patio table and chairs.
A shot of our back yard landscaping, shed, and hammock.  The neighbors' huge oak tree shades most of it in the afternoons.
From ground level looking toward the deck.  My friend Dorrie made the bottle tree for me a few years ago, and my friend Dan drank all the wine.  Those are solar "rocks" on the steps to light the way in the dark.
This view is from the steps looking east toward the front of our home.  The pots are a mixture of flowers and tomatoes.  We found some bright red tomato cages at Lowe's this year.  We haven't put out any new mulch yet this season.  It always looks better after that.
Same shot from front to back.  The lilies are just starting to bloom.
This little flower garden at the front corner of our garage probably needs thinned out, but I'm not quite ready to move anything.  Those are little blue electric insulators along the edge.  I like the way the sun catches the colored glass.
And the front bed and deck.  The vinca vines are perennials.  By the end of the summer, the bed will be covered with it.
Of course the fairy garden is back!  It sits on top of the old white ladder by the front door.  The table and chairs are hard to see in this photo, but it turned out cute.  I may put some mulch in it too.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Iowa Hawkeye Thank You Card

Jess & Neal needed a Hawkeye thank you card to send to some die-hard Iowa State fans who sent them an Iowa State themed graduation card, so I threw this together quickly.  The cs and stamp are CTMH, and the tiger hawks are from some old B&T papers I had in my stash.  Go Hawks!