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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vintage Easter Cards

Happy Easter!

Here are a few Easter cards I made for sale at Spring City Vintage in Colfax. Each was made from a postcard from the early 1900s, and I added some B&T papers and embellishments.  I'm so glad spring is here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wisconsin Dells Layout

Catching Up on Some Scrapbook Pages

Another post! This is becoming a habit!  This layout is from our trip last summer, Finn's first vacation with our family, to the Wisconsin Dells.

What started out as a single page layout (the left side), evolved into a two-page spread because I simply couldn't fit the "Wisconsin" and "Dells" banners on to the one page without scrunching them up too much. It works okay as a two-page layout, but I can definitely tell it was a mid-design change. Hopefully, it worked out.
The first page (all products on both pages are CTMH) highlights a paid-for photo from the boat cruise we took. We bought the photo because it was laughable of all of us--we're weird that way. Especially funny was how poor little Finn had to just peek out between the fake rails. He's not looking very happy, and that turned out to be a theme for the whole cruise. There were many tearful incidents, and before it was over, he sat right in some nacho cheese. It was a memorable excursion.
This page shows how good Finn was for the trip to The Dells (about a five-hour car ride). Wearing his vacation shirt we bought him in Hawaii, he looked like his grandpa before a Jimmy Buffett road trip as he helped pull the cooler to the car. He posed for a picture before getting buckled in, and in the top right-hand photo he couldn't have been better behaved when we stopped for lunch. For most of the long weekend he was SO good. More layouts to follow I hope!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Introducing Baby Shae!

The Newest Member of Our Family

 Again, it's been forever since I've posted. I've still been crafty, just not very "bloggy." My biggest and best announcement is that we are once again grandparents! Our granddaughter Shae was born during the holidays--The best Christmas gift ever!

I just started working on her baby book/scrapbook. (And, yes, I need to do some catching up on her brother's too!)

Here is my first layout for her book:
On Day 2, Shae gave us some wonderfully cute baby smiles. I wanted this page to be happy, just like Shae & Jess in this photo. The row of flowers is cut from a DCWV paper stack called "Collage Art." The rest of the paper and cs is from CTMH. I added a small date stamp to the right side of the page and doodle outlined everything in black. Then I went back and doodled over the outline in sloppy white lines and added three doodle hearts over the date. It's a very simple layout, but it came together great. (Note: I cut off a bit of the photo during cropping--the flowers aren't as off-center as they seem.)
And, I must give credit, Jess knitted the cute stocking hat Shae is wearing. Jess is just learning to knit, and she's already better at it than I ever have been.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Still Creating...

(It's been awhile)

I checked my blog today and COULD NOT BELIEVE I haven't posted since the end of March! I know my crafting has slowed, but I didn't realize by how much. Here's what I've been up to:

I've started working on a street sign type art piece for the backyard showing all our favorite places we've visited--kind of like the M*A*S*H street sign but more beachy and colorful. I started wood burning the individual signs, but that's about it.
Tom & I visited Sioux Falls, and it was MUCH BETTER than we expected. The downtown area was charming, and the Falls Park was very pretty.
I celebrated the 4th of July at a parade with Finn.
We vacationed in the Wisconsin Dells with Jess, Neal, & Finn.
So there's lots of art TO DO. And, I bought Dyan Reavely's 6 newest paint colors yesterday, and they are calling me. I might just do some creating TODAY.  Hopefully I'll be back on the blog before another 4 months goes by.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hawaii Travel Journal - Part 4

Last Pages of Our Hawaiian Adventure

It was sooo pretty there.
These pages are some of my favorite, even though they're not yet done. At a Dyan Reavely class last spring, Dyan taught us how to do these technique in our journals with her curved edge acrylic block. Everyone who looks at my journal loves it. I painted this pages mostly with water colors, except for the first page, which I think was done with Dylusion inks.

I used these pages to highlight my tropical drinks. Because, hey, when you're in the tropics, you have to have a few tropical drinks (ore more).  This first one is the classic Blue Hawaii from the restaurant/bar Tropics.

This is the Tropical Itch, complete with actual back scratcher. I may have bought the drink because of the back scratcher, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. They sold these at the infamous Duke's.

My drink of choice for the whole trip: the Lava Flow. My favorite was from the Hau Tree Tiki Bar right on the beach just steps from the elevator at our hotel.

This little tiki hut came from a scrapbook kit at least 20 years old. I trimmed it to fit my book. I never throw anything away that I think I might want to use later.

These pages including my toes at the pool have a background have a background made from cleaning off my watercolor brushes. I'll add some doodling later.
I made the flap from a page I cut to make the curved edge pages earlier. Behind is a large night picture of Diamond Head I cut out from my guidebook. I'll never need that book again, so why not use it?
Here are some of the last pages. I put our return plane tickets on the last page and journaled about the long red-eye flight home. :(

And that's it! Even the rubber band closure can't contain this chunky book! Thanks for looking and letting me share my journal and trip with you!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hawaii Travel Journal Part 3

Just Another Day in Paradise:

This was our 30th Anniversary trip, so I should post a picture of us. This was taken by the whale watching crew as we boarded the boat.
And, here's the third installment of my travel journal:
And here's a much blurrier copy of that photo on a journal page. The background is done with Dyan Reavely Dylusions paints from Ranger. I still need to doodle with some black and white pens.
More paints on the left and a B&T pocket page on the right. Again, you can tell I reattached the left painted page from the washi tape going down the middle of the pages.
B&T paper on the left and more Dylusions on the right. (We cruised around the island in a convertible--Fun times!) This is pic of us is with our selfie stick, which we struggled with, to put it lightly. The map on the left is from our guidebook.
These two pages were fully covered with Dylusions black paint, and then I journaled with white pen. "Beach Vacation" is an old sticker I had in my stash. 

I made this journaling page by using the Dylusions acrylic block with the curved edge as a guide. This page houses a pullout that shows a dragon from the Chinese New Year celebration, which was during our stay.

This page, which needs a lot more doodling, has Dylusions inks in the background. (Eddie would go" refers to The Eddie big wave surf competition.)

The pocket on the right holds two tags, on which I journaled little notes from the trip. The ties of the tags stick out of the edge of the journal, which I like.

More photos, memorabilia, and our hotel key. The right side background is Dylusions paints and a little Dylusions fish stamp. I'll detail the leaves more soon with white ink.
More Dylusions paints and stencils for these backgrounds. I absolutely love the one on the left.

The left side is a clean-up page, or accidental page as Dyan Reavely would call it. It just means it was a page you used up excess paint on when you were done with another planned page. Sometimes they turn out the best. And sometimes they look like garbage. But, as Wendy Vecchi says, "Every home has a trash can."  The right side houses another pull out that I covered mostly with a photo.

The right side of this page is just ink that seeped over from the other side. I really like how it frames the page, so I'm not sure if I'm going to add anything more to the page or not.

Sunset colors on these pages. (The left side is what seeped on to the page before this.) I'll do some journaling about not seeing the blue flash at sunset although looking for it almost every night.
That's it for this post: one more to go.--Thanks for following along! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hawaii Travel Journal Pt. 2

More Hawaii Memories

It snowed in Iowa last night--snowed! And today is the first day of spring. I'm missing this beach outside our Hawaii hotel.
Back to my journal:
Climbing the Diamond Head crater got several pages dedicated to it, because I was pretty proud of myself for not having a heart attack doing it. :)  The page above has a pocket on the left, and the black page tucks in underneath it. The right side background was done with Dyan Reavely Dylusions paints from Ranger.

More Diamond head memorabilia and photos. I glued the pamphlet in so I can open it to read about the climb. The left has a Dylusions paint background, and the right side is B&T paper.

These pages are B&T papers.
Here we are on the balcony of our room with the beach and Pacific Ocean behind us. The left side is done with Dylusions spray inks, and the palm trees are B&T paper.

I made a pocket on the left with B&T paper and cut out a little fringe for the edge. I tucked in a black tag to frame a night photo. the right side houses another pullout page.

These pages were done with watercolors. I'm going to doodle more around the edges at least. The notes are washi tape. I used my vintage typewriter to type up the song lyrics on the right side. I used my typewriter for a lot of the little lines of sayings and lyrics throughout the book.

Both these pages are B&T paper. It looks like the photo and journaling are attached with just washi tape, but I also glued them in so they stick tight.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hawaii Travel Journal - Part 1

Missing Hawaii!

At the beginning of the year (the 3rd of January actually) I posted that I was going to Hawaii and shared some pre-trip pictures of my travel journal that I had prepped for vacation. The trip was in early February, and my tan is almost gone, but I'm finally ready to share my (almost) complete travel journal in the next few posts.

First though, I really miss this:
 On to my journal.  It got even CHUNKIER. For some reason, I love the sloppiness of how fat it is and all the bits and pieces that stick out. I bought the travel stickers on the cover in Hawaii and used Mod Podge to seal it. I'll probably add some doodling to the cover when I feel like it. The overall look I was going for was a vintage look, and I think it works.

The journal itself is the small Dyan Reaveley art journal from Ranger.
I used Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Vibrant Turquoise paint from Ranger for the cover. I'll try to point out brand names for products I used throughout when I can remember, but I used a lot of odds and ends, so it won't be an all encompassing list.

Look how fat it is with the stretch cord open!
Here are some of the first pages.  After the first few pages, I really didn't worry about going in order of the trip. I just journaled to match my backgrounds or mood. I'm not blogging all of the pages, just ones with special details, ideas I want to share, or personal favorites.
These pages were about the journey there. I used paints (right page) B&T paper (left page), travel Post-its (the suitcases and airplanes), and my plane ticket to Oahu. I cut the plane ticket in half, and then glued it separately to each page so it wouldn't rumple in the middle when the book opened and closed. I journaled around the edges of the pages and ticket.
I took pictures of Iowa that morning (snowy and cold!) and one of the view from our hotel in Iowa (beach and sun!) and put them on these tags as a before and after. I made the pockets with  B&T papers. The backgrounds were done with Dylusions paints and stencils. I did a little doodling on the corners, but I'll probably add more. I used a preprinted whole-year calendar on the left and highlighted the dates of our trip.
 Another pocket!
This time I glued two pages of the journal together to form the pocket along the side of the page. I used a piece of a journal page I had removed from the journal as the insert. The tab is half a circle punch with a square paperclip--one of the messy things I love that sticks out of the journal when closed. The pink page was painted again with Dylusions paints, and I believe I used Dylusions sprays for the insert--possibly a page I cleaned my stencil on.
Both pages are in my handwriting, but throughout I tried to use different styles of writing to make it more interesting and sometimes even hard to read.

More Dylusions paints and Dyan Reaveley's color blocking technique here. The whale came from B&T paper, and the rest was from our whale watching cruise brochure. I used both black and white pens to doodle on the pages.
This page is all about Duke's--a classic on Waikiki beach. Under the pieces from another brochure, is B&T paper. The right side was done with Dylusions inks. I have a lot of mini pictures in this journal, which I think lend to the junky, vintage feel. I took these with my Fugi Insta Camera, shown in this photo. Isn't it cute?
These Pearl Harbor pages were done with Dylusions paints. I cut the pictures out of my guide book. The leaves are Dylusions stencils, and I doodled over them with white ink. I made the pages outside the journal (like a lot of pages in this book you'll notice), and then I reattached them with glue and washi tape. Dyan Reaveley taught this technique at a class I attended.

Another Dylusions paint background. The black piece was on B&T paper, and I added "North Shore." This page will definitely get some more doodling on it.

The left side is painted with watercolors, and the flip flops are B&T paper.

The left side I painted with watercolor, and the right was a clean-up page with Dylusions paints using a baby wipe. Again, I cut the pictures (from my guidebook) in half before gluing them in, and you can see the bits of washi tape I used to re-insert pages that were taken out of the book to paint.
That's it for this post--More soon!