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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Studio Tour

I cleaned my studio (formerly my "craft room" until Tom started calling it my "crap room") today, and I decided to take some pics for my other blog, but I thought I'd post more here.  The first pic was taken from the far wall looking toward the door (obviously).  I have a counter along one wall to stand at, which has four rolling carts underneath that hold all my punches, embossing tools, Bind-It All stuff, circle cutters and decorative scissors, and card bases and envelopes.   The two long tables are from Menards, which were purchased so I could hold workshops, but I always spread out all my projects over them too.  There are four pink chairs (from Staples) and then four more nice folding chairs, so I can sit eight people comfortably.

This picture was taken from the opposite angle.  The big hole in the wall looks out over our front room.  The closet on the right is a huge walk-in and holds all my business stuff, extra supplies, the folding chairs, has hangers for coats, and is a huge catch-all mess.

A close up of the cube shelves, which are from Target, along with the bins.  I keep all my design books here, and hide old Idea Books and other unsightly stuff in the bins.  The "Life is Good" is from Stampin' Up.

The same side of the room taken from the other side.  I keep a couple mats, my light box, my Scor-Pal, and my big paper cutter out on the tables when I'm not hosting a workshop.

A close up of my bookshelf.  I keep ribbon in a tangled mess in the large pink bin.  The second shelf has all my Cuttlebug supplies and a few albums on it.  The next shelf is magazines and some cards I've made.  The fourth shelf is misc. notebooks and containers of antique postcards.  The bottom shelf has my Xyron (when is the last time I used that?!) and a cute box with contents unknown to me at the moment.

My stamping corner.  We got the large bulletin board at Menards, and I pin up binder clips to hold my artwork.  It's usually full, but I just took down all the Christmas cards.  My stamps are in the bookcase, and all my ink and lots of embellishments are in the wall unit.  My Ott light is there, but it usually moves around to wherever I am.  The pink bins on the counter are my "must haves"--my adhesives, sponges, favorite scissors, and other tools I keep out so they're handy.

At the left end of my counter is a plastic set of drawers that contains more embellishments, rub-ons, etc.  Tucked in beside it is my marker tower.  All my paper is to the left.  The cardstock is all in the Cropper Hopper storage, but the B&T paper is pretty unorganized.

And lastly, here's a look at how my studio looked before I tidied up.  Horrible!  I hadn't completely cleaned up from my last workshop, had made several projects before and after Christmas, had been designing some  workshop projects, and then I went to a crop New Year's Day and dumped the stuff in the room when I got home.

Thanks for taking my studio tour!


  1. Love your craft room - very spacious!

  2. LOL! It's a lovely room. My craft room looks just like that last pic! :) -- Jen

  3. Wow I love your studio mine gets called crap room all the time:) You have inspired me to reorganize my room, CTMH has taken over my studio since November I can not even get to my scrap table :(

  4. I love your room, and I don't feel so bad now, cause mine started out all neat and tidy this summer and then...BAMM, one convention, one reunion, one wedding and one kitchen reno, and it looks like you last picture. However, I am digging in and returning it to it's former glory.
    Since you have shown me...it can be done.