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Monday, August 31, 2015

Art Journaling AFTER Dyan Reavely's class

I've been mostly absent from my studio this summer, but I did have a chance lately to work on some art journal pages after being inspired by the classes I took from Dyan Reavely in July. Here are my results:
My first efforts at collage.
Left: "Life is hard. Art Shouldn't be."
Right: "I Wish I Had More Vacation Days."

The pictures above & below are from my small art journal. I used Dyan Reavely's paints, stencils, masks, and stamps.  I'll probably add some kind of journaling to the pages below, but I like the top one the way it is.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wastin' Away Again!

My gang at our annual trek to Alpine Valley, Wisconsin, to see Jimmy Buffett (and tailgate from noon to 7 p.m.).  We had a great time, as always. Next stop for this group of friends: Halloween in New Orleans.

Tom & I posing for a photo.

These "big girl panties" are always good for a laugh.

Our setup this year.

Complete with Tiki Bar!

Enjoying some oar shots.

I got this idea from Pinterest, and I'm going to post it there again. Everyone (well, the women anyway) who walked by our tailgate setup was in love with this.  We use a shoe organizer to keep lots of our smaller tailgating supplies.  For us that means shot glasses, cups, weird sun glasses, napkins, straws, swizzle sticks, inflatables, clothes pins and clips, sharpie markers, tape, scissors, wet wipes, beads, leis, etc. We hang it right up from the tent, and it keeps everything in order and off our food & booze tables.  When we're cleaning up, we just roll it up and store it away until next year.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dyan Reavely Class!!!

In July my friend Robin and I took two days of classes by Dyan Reavely from Ranger Inks at Memory Bound in Ankeny.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  Dyan's personality is a hoot, and she's a great teacher. I learned so much about art journaling. We worked with paints, sprays, stencils, stamps, collage, etc. And her accent--I could listen to her talk all day! (which I guess I did).  We were so lucky to have her here in Iowa.  She's lives in England, but designs for Ranger, so she's in the United States a ridiculous amount of time,  There were people in the class from as far as ten hours away. 
Here's a pic of Dyan doing a demonstration:

I am hard at work.  

My hand were sooo messy!
Me with Dyan:
After the classes, Dyan was always willing to visit, take pictures, and sign her book, etc.  Here she's signing one of my completed pages:
Here's the page she signed and my small art journal.  I asked her to write something snarky on my page as if she were grading it, and then she put "gold star"--sweet.
We decorated the outside of our small journals. Here's my "after" and what it looked like "before."
Here is one of the small journal backgrounds we did in class. She encouraged us to use colors we normally wouldn't:
And some of the large journal pages we worked on, both with inks and paint and some stamping:

It was a great weekend! If you have the chance to take Dyan's classes, DO IT! I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was so fun to learn her techniques and meet her. The two days flew by.