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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vacation Sign Post

After 2+ Years, It's Finally Finished (kinda)

This sign post took over two years to complete (mostly because I'm easily distracted). I chose some of our best travel destinations, whether as a couple, with our family, or with good friends. It has room to add more, so I'd like to say it will never be completely finished--at least I hope I have lots of travel adventures yet to come!

Here's some more shots of it closer and from different angles:

My husband Tom cut the individual signs for me. Something I should be able to do myself, being a feminist and all, but he knows what he's doing, so why not let the professional do it, right?
Then I sketched letters and pictures on each sign. I tried to use a different lettering style on almost all of the places, and I didn't try to do them straight. I find if I intentionally make things crooked, it looks better than trying to do it perfect and not getting it that way.
I used my pencil letters just as a guide, as shown here. Then after I was done, I went back and erased the lines. If I couldn't come up with an appropriate picture for a sign, I looked at simple clip art photos for ideas. (Clip art was very helpful for a simple representation of the Seattle Space Needle.)
The distances I used were what Google Maps told me was the distance from each spot to my house.  I still need to make several more: Las Vegas, Wisconsin Dells, and Disney World. 
Here's a work-in-progress pic:
I used Dylusions paints exclusively on the signs, because they all match each other well, and I love the bright colors. I'm also a huge Dyan Reaveley fan (if you've read my previous posts, you know this already).
The post is from the local home improvement store. We added a finial, and spray painted it all white. I distressed the edges a little bit with sanding, but you can't see it on any of the pictures.
This post brace is what holds it in place. It looks a lot like those beach drink holders before you hammer it into the ground. or maybe the beach drink holders look like this thing.  I'll do better landscaping around it later.
More help from the professional: Tom glued and nailed each sign up so they're super secure. He noted out corners of the post where the signs needed to be put up at an angle, which was most of them. This way there was more flat area to glue/nail them to.  Here's a pic of him in action cutting a notch for the Seattle sign:
Once it was up, the whole thing was weather sealed very well. I'm not sure what kind of sealer we used, but it was in a spray can.
Another picture of the signs and post all put up.  Now I just need to go on some more vacations so I can add more signs! Here's the view I enjoy from our backyard deck: 

I love how it turned out. If you would like to make your own and have questions, just drop me a comment, and I'll get back to you. Because this took so long, I'm taking exactly zero orders, so copying this idea doesn't bother me in the least. But if you do copy, please give me and/or this blog a shout out for the idea.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vintage Easter Cards

Happy Easter!

Here are a few Easter cards I made for sale at Spring City Vintage in Colfax. Each was made from a postcard from the early 1900s, and I added some B&T papers and embellishments.  I'm so glad spring is here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wisconsin Dells Layout

Catching Up on Some Scrapbook Pages

Another post! This is becoming a habit!  This layout is from our trip last summer, Finn's first vacation with our family, to the Wisconsin Dells.

What started out as a single page layout (the left side), evolved into a two-page spread because I simply couldn't fit the "Wisconsin" and "Dells" banners on to the one page without scrunching them up too much. It works okay as a two-page layout, but I can definitely tell it was a mid-design change. Hopefully, it worked out.
The first page (all products on both pages are CTMH) highlights a paid-for photo from the boat cruise we took. We bought the photo because it was laughable of all of us--we're weird that way. Especially funny was how poor little Finn had to just peek out between the fake rails. He's not looking very happy, and that turned out to be a theme for the whole cruise. There were many tearful incidents, and before it was over, he sat right in some nacho cheese. It was a memorable excursion.
This page shows how good Finn was for the trip to The Dells (about a five-hour car ride). Wearing his vacation shirt we bought him in Hawaii, he looked like his grandpa before a Jimmy Buffett road trip as he helped pull the cooler to the car. He posed for a picture before getting buckled in, and in the top right-hand photo he couldn't have been better behaved when we stopped for lunch. For most of the long weekend he was SO good. More layouts to follow I hope!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Introducing Baby Shae!

The Newest Member of Our Family

 Again, it's been forever since I've posted. I've still been crafty, just not very "bloggy." My biggest and best announcement is that we are once again grandparents! Our granddaughter Shae was born during the holidays--The best Christmas gift ever!

I just started working on her baby book/scrapbook. (And, yes, I need to do some catching up on her brother's too!)

Here is my first layout for her book:
On Day 2, Shae gave us some wonderfully cute baby smiles. I wanted this page to be happy, just like Shae & Jess in this photo. The row of flowers is cut from a DCWV paper stack called "Collage Art." The rest of the paper and cs is from CTMH. I added a small date stamp to the right side of the page and doodle outlined everything in black. Then I went back and doodled over the outline in sloppy white lines and added three doodle hearts over the date. It's a very simple layout, but it came together great. (Note: I cut off a bit of the photo during cropping--the flowers aren't as off-center as they seem.)
And, I must give credit, Jess knitted the cute stocking hat Shae is wearing. Jess is just learning to knit, and she's already better at it than I ever have been.