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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crumpled Paper Flowers

I've seen these paper flowers around on blogs for awhile and finally tried making a few:
Start with a scallop circle punch--any size--and punch out five shapes.

Then pierce or punch a whole through your stack of shapes.

Insert a brad to hold the five shapes together.  I used a tiny brad when I planned to cover it with a button and a large brad when the brad itself became the flower center.

Crumple separately every layer but the bottom one.  The more "crumply" the better.

Unfold, add any center you want, and it's done.

To make the flowers look a little more shabby and add some depth, I ink distressed the papers both before and after crumpling.  I used both newspaper and B&T papers.  Very Easy!  I made all three flowers in about fifteen minutes.

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