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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Woodburning Oar Project

I've seen these drinking games at tailgates in the past, and I wanted to make one for our annual Jimmy Buffett trip to Alpine Valley.

I sanded the oar and then sketched my designs  This was my first ever parrot drawing (copied from clip art) but I think it turned out well.
More sketching, also copied from a font and clip art.
This was my first attempt at woodburning, so I bought this cheap frame for practice.  I made both projects simultaneously.
Jess took this pic of me trying woodburning for the first time.

This side all burned.  It was easy, and I enjoyed it--another new hobby.

Here's the back side.  The lettering was hard to burn evenly.

The frame completed.

Another pic of the oar, complete with shot glasses, which are attached with velcro.

And the back of the oar, which shows when you do the shots.  The words reference Margaritaville--all of you should know this.

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