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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crochet "Paper Chain" Scarf

This scarf looks like the paper chains I made as a kid at Christmastime.  I saw a scarf like this hanging in Michael's and knew even I, a novice at crochet, could make it.

I used cheap yarn in white and bright red.  Each ring is 40 stitches around and consists of one row of chains and then four rows of double crochet.  Easy!  You just have to remember to join your chain into the last chain before starting on the first row of double crochet.


  1. Great idea! I knit/crochet scarves for Special Olympics--I'll have to do this design in this year's colors. Check out: http://scarvesforspecialolympics.org/

  2. Thanks so much, Lisa! My son is involved in Special Olympics Iowa, and I will definitely be contributing a scarf or two. I posted the link on FB and Pinterest. I really appreciate you telling me about this!