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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easy Paper Christmas Ornaments

These cute ornaments are super easy.  Start by cutting or punching out 12 circles.  I used a scalloped circle punch because it is the biggest circular punch I own.  Two-sided B&T paper works best.  I used a retired Christmas paper from the Close to My Heart "Jingle" collection. 
Next, ink all the edges, front and back.  I used CTMH's Tulip ink.

Fold all the pieces in half.  My scallops didn't always match up perfectly, and it doesn't really matter.  I tried to keep the stripe somewhat straight.

After you have this little pile of cute taco shells, pile them all up in one stack.  Fold them so like sides are together.  In my case the tone-on-tone red sides faced each other and the brighter stripes faced each other.

Next, flatten out the stack and put a couple staples right in the crease to hold the circles together. 
On the right edge of any circle in your stack, adhere a glue dot about one third of the way from the bottom.  Fold over the flap on the left. 

On the flap you just turned, adhere a glue dot about one third of the way from the top of the circle, again on the right edge.  Fold over the flap again from the left.
  Keep doing this, alternating the glue dot from the bottom third to the top third, all through the stack of circles until you come around to the first flaps you glued.
This is what you'll have:
All that's left to do is embellish.  I used a CTMH Just Bloom, some ribbon, and a brad on this ornament, all held to the top of the globe with a large glue dot.  These are super simple!

I found this pattern on Pinterest.  It was pinned from the site http://www.homemade-gifts-made-easy.com/.  Pintrest is my latest online obsession.  There are endless crafting, cooking, and decorating ideas. If you're not a member yet, SIGN UP. If you want me to invite you, email me, and I'll send you the link. If you are a member, do me a favor and pin some of my blog posts!


  1. These are really cute! As a teacher, I'm always looking for crafts that my 5th graders can make themselves. We will have to try these for Christmas projects this year. Thanks for the link too.

  2. What a great idea. Thank you for making this awesome tutorial! Can't wait to try it out :)

  3. These look great! Going to try them with Brownies tonight, Thank You!