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Saturday, March 19, 2016

March Madness in Iowa!

March Madness is alive and well in Iowa. For the first time ever, Des Moines is hosting six games of the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament, and THREE Iowa teams not only made it into the tournament--University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and University of Northern Iowa--but ALL three teams advanced to the second round. Iowa and UNI even pulled their wins off with buzzer beating shots!

We're heading to a second-round Iowa State watch party today, so I had to check out Pinterest to find a basketball themed treat. Here's what I found and made:
This was neither my design nor recipe.  The original post was from Dorothy at her Crazy for Crust blog. Follow the link for the recipe posted in
April 2013 and circulating all over Pinterest. Her photograph is cuter too, and without the smudges on the plate! I bought both chocolate graham cookies and pretzels for dippers. I thought the chocolate would be a good peanut butter/chocolate combo, but the pretzels work much better. The dip is just so sweet you need the salty pretzel to calm it down a bit.

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