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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Happy New Year!!!

Highlight of 2014:  This little guy wins for sure: 
Mr. Finn was born in late October and is our first grandchild.  We can't get enough of him!  Having his parents move back to central Iowa from Seattle was pretty awesome too!  And our trips:  Key West, Florida, & Wisconsin.  Plus, Tom went to Germany!  What a year.
Resolutions for 2015:  As always:  Blog more (if you're a long-time follower, you've seen this one before), create more, eat better, read more, travel more, save more (travel more and save more just don't work well together!), and just plain ENJOY more.
       I did cross off a couple of my to-dos already today.  I finished my Christmas thank yous (see previous blog post from today) and I updated my Goodreads account.  Also, I already finished my book for a bookclub I might or might not participate in. 
       I'm off to a great start!  I hope to finish some old projects and start (and hopefully finish) some new ones too.  The next item on the list is to create some new things with vintage postcards, and I'm going to get started on that right now. 

Best Wishes to You for a Happy 2015!

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