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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Employee Spirit Month

March is National Employee Spirit Month!!!  Working in a government office fraught with budget cuts, layoffs, and some generally odd people, I'm interpreting "spirit" to mean alcohol.  So in honor of Employee [Alcohol] Month, I made an It's 5'clock Somewhere card:
Colors are Citrus Leaf and Buttercup.  Stamp sets used are Flower Pot ("It's"), Paradise (row of drinks), Extreme Happiness (row of hibiscus), Hang Ten (palm trees), Star Power (ink splotches), Around the Block ("where"), Life is a Party (drink clock hands), Bunny Love ("Some"), Comments (paper grid), Make it Count (clock), Notice the Details (binder clip, paper edging & "important to remember") and Sm. Friendship Alpha. ("5").


  1. Too stinkin' cute! I'll lift a glass to that my government-paid arm!

  2. OK that should read WITH my government-paid arm since I too am a government employee. I won't say what I do though because that first post sure looks like I'm not capable of doing my job. LOL

  3. You are too funny!