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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Where Have I Been?!

Yikes, this blog is stagnating this summer.  Mostly because I've been busy, busy with work, my daughter & son-in-law's college graduation, storing a lot of their stuff in my studio, and finally a week-long road-trip to Seattle to see them and take the aforementioned stuff to their new apartment.
Here are some just-waiting-to-be-scrapbooked photos from Seattle:

Cub fans in Seattle!
The Fremont Troll

Tom & I at the Space Needle

Jess at the beach -- I always love unstaged photos of people walking on beaches.

Jess & Neal at the International Fountain

In front of their apartment building
Flowers at Pike Place Market -- Beautiful!
Tom and I in front of the skyline

I even did a little scrapbooking on my lap in the car -- more on this later!

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