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Monday, October 27, 2014

Introducing My Grandson! ...and Baby Shower Crafts

It's been over two months since I posted!  But now I'm back with BIG news: My grandson, Finn, was born!
Isn't he adorable?!
Jess had an absolutely wonderful baby shower in September.  Lots of creative minds made it over-the-top.  Here are a few of the ideas.  I got permission to post them and put them on Pinterest, but because I didn't make them, I have no idea if they were based on other crafters' ideas or patterns.  I'm just passing them on, and hopefully the crafting world will forgive my lack of credit to the originals.
Disclaimer over, here are the pics, and be warned, this is a looooooong post.  The theme was fish and water (for Finn--get it?) Every table had an incredible centerpiece.
This one is a "diaper bouquet" with blue Sixlet and rubber duck candies in the vase.  The diapers are rolled to look like flowers and affixed to "stems."

Here's a "candy soda."  The candies are attached to a Styrofoam ball, and the soda glass is filled with rubber duck candies.

Here's a bouquet of blue suckers.  There were balloons tied to this and many of the centerpieces.  The doilies were from the dollar store, topped with mats cut with a Cricut.

This bundle represents the bundle the stork carries the baby in.  It's full of diapers and tied up with a receiving blanket.

Blue taffy skewers -- lots and lots of taffy.
This great diaper wreath greeted guests as they arrived:
It's made with a wreath base, diapers, ribbon, rattle, spoons, & a brush.
And on to the snacks.  No one should have left hungry or empty handed.  There were wraps and dip and lots of creative food: 

All of the guests were given "fish bowls"--little jars with blue & white "rocks" (jelly beans) and a Swedish Fish.

One of Jess's favorite foods is a white cheddar popcorn.  We filled these popcorn containers for each guest.  The handmade label says "She's ready to Pop!"  There were also baby stat sheets for each guest to guess when Finn would be born and his height, weight, etc.

There was also blue punch with little sharks swimming in it. 
And look at the cake table:
The cake was so cute!
A little Finn cake, complete with fins and cake balls with fins.  (This cake appealed to me as a Parrothead too.)

Awesome dipped pretzels:

I found out later these were hand painted.  Yikes.
This cute box of "babies" decorated the table: 
The babies are diapers wrapped in baby washcloths with a baby sock for a hat and decorated with ribbon, eyes, and safety pins.  They're nestled in a receiving blanket inside a box from Michael's.
This diaper cake was crazy!
It should have been a gift itself!
F is for Finn.  :)
This was made with a frame, scrapbook paper (CTMH), and painted wood pieces.
And last but not least on the cake table were these characters:
Sparkles and Elmo, Neal's and Jess's favorite toys.  Elmo is well-chewed.
And even more decorations:
A sand pail filled with fun baby stuff, a jar of daisies representing Neal & Jess's wedding theme, and a personalized piggy bank.
Now a little bit about the activities.  There were letters for guests to paint for decorating Finn's room.
I like how the fonts were all different.

And patterns to iron on all sizes and colors of onesies. 

Here are some of the finished onesies.  They turned out great!
And there were some gifts too.
This is Jess's opening a huge basket of 40 gifts for 40 weeks while her sister-in-law Tara tries to write down everything.
And here are Jess and Neal when he came to help load up all their new baby stuff. 
All for this little guy!
(having a happy stretch here)


  1. What a cute baby shower, and cute baby! Love the sharks swimming in the punch. :)

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