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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Decorations and Felt Skull & Voodoo Doll Ornaments

Halloween is over, but I didn't want to share my decorations before our costume party, so I'm blogging them post-Halloween.  We had a successful get-together with good friends, some great food, and lots of drinks.  Here are some pics:
This happy couple greeted guests at the front door:
I had the pumpkin, the plant was an unfortunate mum I hadn't taken care of, the leaves fell off our tree, and my sister gave us the fabric.  I made the "bride" a veil and shawl with fabric and purchased the "groom" a vest at Good Will.  I already had the chalk board, but I just learned about chalk pens--I love them!  Tom and I made the felt top hat.
Tom and I as the the Voodoo couple:
I don't know how the rest of my friends feel about their pics on my blog, so I won't post theirs, but there were some great creative costumes.  Who knew a bunch of Parrotheads could wear costumes other than Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts?
Here are a couple of the cute food ideas people had:
pumpkin cheese balls

vampire teeth
 I forgot to take pictures of my decorations pre-party, but some made it through ok.  Besides these, we had tables and banners in our garage, and white sheets covering most of our front room furniture.  The candles were all lit, and I had little battery LED candles under some of the other decorations to make them glow.
 This grouping was on my buffet.  I find that anything in a glass container makes a great decoration: skeleton for a spooky Halloween, pumpkins for fall, ornaments for Christmas, shells for the summer, etc.  It's an easy way to decorate.  I replaced some of my candles with black candles and added a dollar store crow.
My dining room table had a long gauzy runner with a vintage fabric piece over it.  I bought the candles at Wal-Mart and my sister had the black & orange vintage candlesticks.  The skulls are cheap, I had the voodoo doll from New Orleans, and the bones were left over from the ones I sewed on Tom's hat.  The center bowl was just a potpourri dish I got for a dollar at Good Will.  I tried to use every black decoration I could find.  Even if they weren't "Halloween themed," they looked Gothic when lined up with the themed decorations.
The mirror over the mantle stays out from Halloween through Christmas and looks great with both themes. I draped more vintage fabric from my sister, and lined up all the black, orange and silver items I had around.  The skull is from Michaels.  The branches around the dollar store crow were on clearance from Kohl's.
I bought a "Bag O' Bones" for under $10 at the Halloween store and put them in a pile in the fireplace.  (Not my idea--I saw it on Pinterest.)  The candles are actually beachy themed, but you can't tell it when they're in the fireplace.  This was one of the spots I had some little LED candles for a spooky glow.
Here's the whole fireplace/mantle look:

The chalkboard actually sat outside the front door.  (See the picture above.)
I couldn't find a lot of black candles, so I also used purple.  The jar of skulls is another example of my anything-under-glass-is-a-decoration theory.
The table just inside the front door had red velvet material with a black fringe shawl or something from my sister over it.  I already had the old books, candle, and pumpkin, and I just bought the skull and another dollar store crow.  I really had at least 85% of all my decorations.  The main things I bought were skulls/skeletons/bones, crows, and candles.
I bought this little Halloween tree with Kohl's cash.  It's only about 18" high.  I've been making a lot of felt ornaments, so I made three skulls and three Voodoo dolls to decorate the tree (and added another crow).
The felt ornaments were mostly inspired from similar things on Pinterest.  Here's a closer look at each of them:


Sorry these are too late for any ideas for this year, but feel free to pin them for next year! :)

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