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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Advent Ornaments / Sour Cream Containers Tutorial

It's Christmas time! Well, maybe not quite yet, but we had our family Thanksgiving today, so I feel like the Christmas season is here.  And, if the stores are any indication, the Christmas season started before Halloween.  I absolutely love Christmas crafting and decorating, and what better way to start both than with a set of advent ornaments?  You still have time to make these super-easy "sour cream" container advent ornaments before December.  Here's my finished set:
I made these with paper scraps from my stash of Christmas papers and CTMH's stamp set "Magical Days," a set of numbers 1-25 perfect for Christmas advents.  You can order your set HERE, which is a link to the set on my online store, http://mollyrawls.ctmh.com
Here are some of the ornaments close-up:

Each has a little treat--candy or a little cash hidden inside.
This container is actually a pretty old paper crafting pattern that I've seen around for years.  I've already done a blog entry with the tutorial, which is HERE, but I've taken some new pictures, so I'll repeat it.  I call it a sour cream container because that's what it looks like.
Start with a 4" x 6" piece of paper.  These are great for using up scraps!
Add adhesive to the back of the short end of the paper:
I like to use Scor-Tape two-sided tape, because it holds really well, but you could use anything that works best for you.
Roll the paper into a tube and adhere the short ends together.
It looks basically like a toilet paper tube.
Crease one end flat and adhere it shut.
This is important:  Once one end is shut, that's the time to insert your filler: candy, money, a small toy, or whatever fits.  After you close the other end, you have to rip it to open it.
After the container is full, fold the open end in the opposite direction that the other end and adhere it shut.
So one of the flat ends will run vertically, and the other horizontally.
You could be done here, but....
I take it another step and crimp both ends a little.  If you have a paper crimper gathering dust, get it out--finally a reason to use it!
Just a few turns on both ends gives a really finished look.
Here it is all ready for decorating:
 I liked using lots of all different Christmas scraps, but I think a basket full of matching containers would be gorgeous.
  Since mine are going to be ornaments, I punched a hole and added ribbon:
I used scraps of ribbon and some pretty cheap ribbons too, because I know to get to the goodies inside, the container will be torn and tossed away.
One last look at some of mine:  
These came together pretty quickly--you still have time!!!

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