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Monday, January 18, 2010

Luggage Tags

(Second Post Today--scroll down for Matchbook Valentines)

Not only is this luggage tag fast and easy, but it's cheap too.  Just use a baseball card protector sleeve (available everywhere they sell baseball cards or other collectible cards) and a ring (available in office supply stores and in most discount stores in the office supply aisle).  Cut cardstock to fit in the sleeve, decorate any way you choose with B&T papers, punches, stamps and anything else flat, and insert in the sleeve.  (You can decorate both sides, or put a business card or label on the back for identification.  Punch a hole and attach the ring.  Decorate with ribbon(s), and you're finished.  These are great for luggage, scrapbook bags, computer bags, backpacks, kids' sports bags, etc.

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