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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creative University - Part 2

Lake Coeur d'Alene at Camp Lutherhaven.

Did I mention in my earlier post how beautiful the area was?

Seven of the twenty technique examples from the "Technique Boutique"
One of the creative classes was a "technique boutique" where we were given the opportunity to make twenty 3x3 cards, all showcasing a different stamping technique.  These are my favorites:
Starting at the upper left, is a faux silk technique using tissue paper, a resist, dyed ribbon, a stencil, a reflection using transparency, painting with Lindy's spray, and white ink on black cs.  These are just my favorites.  I was soooo tired that evening that I didn't complete all twenty cards.  Instead I just cherry-picked my favorites.  All the examples were outstanding though, and I wish now I had done them all.  Some of my favorites were the ones using the Lindy's Stamp Gang products, which I had never tried before.

Here's a shot of some of the "loot" I brought home.  Gifts from Tresa, secret sister gifts, roommate gifts, etc.  Cards, stamps, treat holders, supplies & tools--and this photo doesn't even show all the candy and other treats, which I'd already moved to a bowl in my kitchen.  There's some amazing artwork here:  sewing, stamping, Cricut crafts, and jewelry making.

I gave away a few things too.  Here are some examples of my offerings, which I've been wanting to post, but had to wait until after CU:
secret sister gift

Secret Sister Gift

Secret Sister Gift

Roommate Gifts

The surprises inside the owl gift bags.

There was so much gift giving and sharing it was almost like Christmas.  Thank you so much to my secret sister, Kristen, and my roommates Robin, Theresa, Tammy, and Rachel for all the fun presents.

Another little extra was an impromptu lesson by Tahne T. on how to make this bracelet.  She brought all the needed supplies, and several of us made them.  I love it!, but dang that was a lot of jump rings to open and close.
The picture is dark, but the jump rings are linked together all around a strand of blue glass beads.  It's very beach-like, and I plan to wear it two weeks from now when we visit the gulf coast.

Here's a pic of me with my roommates outside our cabin.  We were the "Lil' Otters."
Lil' Otters
Another fun person I got to know was Joy.  Here's a picture of us.  I took it in front of that wall hanging in the dining hall so I wouldn't forget her name...lol

Molly & Joy
Joy is the co-author of the blog "Everyday Cricut" which is huge in the world of Cricut users.  Provo Craft sends Joy and her friend Melanie cartridges before they are released, so they can create projects and blog about them, thus enticing the rest of us to buy.  It's not hard to be enticed by her projects.  She is an absolute wizard with the Cricut and just may have motivated me to get mine out and use it.  To check out the Everyday Cricut blog, go HERE.  Joy's personal blog, Obsessed with Scrapbooking, can be found HERE.  I just checked it, and Joy blgged about me.  A cyberspace full circle I guess.

I met so many nice and talented women at CU.  It was inspring to be around all that talent.  I came home with many new friends and gobs of creative ideas.  I have one more post for later--the Charm Swap.


  1. Love your sentiments sweetie. I plan on doing excerpts as well, only I have so much that it is wonderful to read your postings so I know how to post and KISS! You are very Talented!

  2. Good Golly, did you get a ton! :) Missing CU today! Thanks for sharing so i can remember all the fun too! LOL :)