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Monday, February 2, 2015


So, I just bought this thing.  What do you think it is?

Scrubber? No. Scalp Massager? Nope. Art? Not Really.

It's really bendy.  (I'm glad my nails looked nice for these pictures.)

The brand is "poppin," and I got it at the office supply store (Staples).

And it holds cards or other projects for photographing!

Actually, it's a desk accessory for holding business cards, notes, envelopes, etc., but it works great for my cards. It's so flexible you can manipulate the rubber to hold the card without damaging the card, something I have to be careful of when using my antique frogs for the same purpose.

I still love my antique frogs, and I'll keep using them for more vintage-looking cards, but I think the poppin holder will work great for a more modern look. I might need some more colors.

My antique frogs, which are actually made to be put in the bottom of a container
for flower arranging: they hold the stems in place.

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