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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hawaii Travel Journal Part 3

Just Another Day in Paradise:

This was our 30th Anniversary trip, so I should post a picture of us. This was taken by the whale watching crew as we boarded the boat.
And, here's the third installment of my travel journal:
And here's a much blurrier copy of that photo on a journal page. The background is done with Dyan Reavely Dylusions paints from Ranger. I still need to doodle with some black and white pens.
More paints on the left and a B&T pocket page on the right. Again, you can tell I reattached the left painted page from the washi tape going down the middle of the pages.
B&T paper on the left and more Dylusions on the right. (We cruised around the island in a convertible--Fun times!) This is pic of us is with our selfie stick, which we struggled with, to put it lightly. The map on the left is from our guidebook.
These two pages were fully covered with Dylusions black paint, and then I journaled with white pen. "Beach Vacation" is an old sticker I had in my stash. 

I made this journaling page by using the Dylusions acrylic block with the curved edge as a guide. This page houses a pullout that shows a dragon from the Chinese New Year celebration, which was during our stay.

This page, which needs a lot more doodling, has Dylusions inks in the background. (Eddie would go" refers to The Eddie big wave surf competition.)

The pocket on the right holds two tags, on which I journaled little notes from the trip. The ties of the tags stick out of the edge of the journal, which I like.

More photos, memorabilia, and our hotel key. The right side background is Dylusions paints and a little Dylusions fish stamp. I'll detail the leaves more soon with white ink.
More Dylusions paints and stencils for these backgrounds. I absolutely love the one on the left.

The left side is a clean-up page, or accidental page as Dyan Reavely would call it. It just means it was a page you used up excess paint on when you were done with another planned page. Sometimes they turn out the best. And sometimes they look like garbage. But, as Wendy Vecchi says, "Every home has a trash can."  The right side houses another pull out that I covered mostly with a photo.

The right side of this page is just ink that seeped over from the other side. I really like how it frames the page, so I'm not sure if I'm going to add anything more to the page or not.

Sunset colors on these pages. (The left side is what seeped on to the page before this.) I'll do some journaling about not seeing the blue flash at sunset although looking for it almost every night.
That's it for this post: one more to go.--Thanks for following along! 

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