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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hawaii Travel Journal - Part 1

Missing Hawaii!

At the beginning of the year (the 3rd of January actually) I posted that I was going to Hawaii and shared some pre-trip pictures of my travel journal that I had prepped for vacation. The trip was in early February, and my tan is almost gone, but I'm finally ready to share my (almost) complete travel journal in the next few posts.

First though, I really miss this:
 On to my journal.  It got even CHUNKIER. For some reason, I love the sloppiness of how fat it is and all the bits and pieces that stick out. I bought the travel stickers on the cover in Hawaii and used Mod Podge to seal it. I'll probably add some doodling to the cover when I feel like it. The overall look I was going for was a vintage look, and I think it works.

The journal itself is the small Dyan Reaveley art journal from Ranger.
I used Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Vibrant Turquoise paint from Ranger for the cover. I'll try to point out brand names for products I used throughout when I can remember, but I used a lot of odds and ends, so it won't be an all encompassing list.

Look how fat it is with the stretch cord open!
Here are some of the first pages.  After the first few pages, I really didn't worry about going in order of the trip. I just journaled to match my backgrounds or mood. I'm not blogging all of the pages, just ones with special details, ideas I want to share, or personal favorites.
These pages were about the journey there. I used paints (right page) B&T paper (left page), travel Post-its (the suitcases and airplanes), and my plane ticket to Oahu. I cut the plane ticket in half, and then glued it separately to each page so it wouldn't rumple in the middle when the book opened and closed. I journaled around the edges of the pages and ticket.
I took pictures of Iowa that morning (snowy and cold!) and one of the view from our hotel in Iowa (beach and sun!) and put them on these tags as a before and after. I made the pockets with  B&T papers. The backgrounds were done with Dylusions paints and stencils. I did a little doodling on the corners, but I'll probably add more. I used a preprinted whole-year calendar on the left and highlighted the dates of our trip.
 Another pocket!
This time I glued two pages of the journal together to form the pocket along the side of the page. I used a piece of a journal page I had removed from the journal as the insert. The tab is half a circle punch with a square paperclip--one of the messy things I love that sticks out of the journal when closed. The pink page was painted again with Dylusions paints, and I believe I used Dylusions sprays for the insert--possibly a page I cleaned my stencil on.
Both pages are in my handwriting, but throughout I tried to use different styles of writing to make it more interesting and sometimes even hard to read.

More Dylusions paints and Dyan Reaveley's color blocking technique here. The whale came from B&T paper, and the rest was from our whale watching cruise brochure. I used both black and white pens to doodle on the pages.
This page is all about Duke's--a classic on Waikiki beach. Under the pieces from another brochure, is B&T paper. The right side was done with Dylusions inks. I have a lot of mini pictures in this journal, which I think lend to the junky, vintage feel. I took these with my Fugi Insta Camera, shown in this photo. Isn't it cute?
These Pearl Harbor pages were done with Dylusions paints. I cut the pictures out of my guide book. The leaves are Dylusions stencils, and I doodled over them with white ink. I made the pages outside the journal (like a lot of pages in this book you'll notice), and then I reattached them with glue and washi tape. Dyan Reaveley taught this technique at a class I attended.

Another Dylusions paint background. The black piece was on B&T paper, and I added "North Shore." This page will definitely get some more doodling on it.

The left side is painted with watercolors, and the flip flops are B&T paper.

The left side I painted with watercolor, and the right was a clean-up page with Dylusions paints using a baby wipe. Again, I cut the pictures (from my guidebook) in half before gluing them in, and you can see the bits of washi tape I used to re-insert pages that were taken out of the book to paint.
That's it for this post--More soon!

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