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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wisconsin Dells Layout

Catching Up on Some Scrapbook Pages

Another post! This is becoming a habit!  This layout is from our trip last summer, Finn's first vacation with our family, to the Wisconsin Dells.

What started out as a single page layout (the left side), evolved into a two-page spread because I simply couldn't fit the "Wisconsin" and "Dells" banners on to the one page without scrunching them up too much. It works okay as a two-page layout, but I can definitely tell it was a mid-design change. Hopefully, it worked out.
The first page (all products on both pages are CTMH) highlights a paid-for photo from the boat cruise we took. We bought the photo because it was laughable of all of us--we're weird that way. Especially funny was how poor little Finn had to just peek out between the fake rails. He's not looking very happy, and that turned out to be a theme for the whole cruise. There were many tearful incidents, and before it was over, he sat right in some nacho cheese. It was a memorable excursion.
This page shows how good Finn was for the trip to The Dells (about a five-hour car ride). Wearing his vacation shirt we bought him in Hawaii, he looked like his grandpa before a Jimmy Buffett road trip as he helped pull the cooler to the car. He posed for a picture before getting buckled in, and in the top right-hand photo he couldn't have been better behaved when we stopped for lunch. For most of the long weekend he was SO good. More layouts to follow I hope!

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