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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bath Sponge Sundaes

Besides the gift below, I gave my lunch group friends all one of these "sundaes" at our little gift exchange.  It's yet another idea I found on Pinterest.  If you know me and I haven't harassed you yet into joining Pinterest, I just don't know what else I can say to you to get you to check it out. 
Anyway, what's in these sundaes?
The sundae dish is from Wal-Mart ($1.97).  I put a pair of pink gloves in the bottom, but pink soaps would be cute too.  A white net bath sponge sits on top of the gloves, and looks a lot like whipped cream.  I stuck a pink emery board in one side to look like a spoon handle and a candy cane on the opposite side to mimic a striped straw.  A tiny red ornament is the cherry on top.  Lastly, just add a ribbon or bow of your choice.  Easy!!!

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  1. These are adorable. I think I had better check out Pinterest!