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Friday, September 1, 2017

Family Vacation Layout

Wisconsin Dells

I actually finished the layouts for our family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. This is the second year in a row we've driven to the Dells, and I think last year's trip has maybe one layout done, so don't be too impressed.  My last post was also a Wisconsin Dells vacation page, but it was solely for Shae's baby book because it was her first vacation. (Poor Shae--her baby book is so empty. That's also on my to-do list: more layouts for Shae's book.)

Here's the first layout for the trip. I like to start like sections of layouts with a one-page layout, kind of a title page for either the whole scrapbook if it's a large number of layouts or if it's a section of layouts within a book of various layouts, then it signals the beginning of a new section.

The Dells is approximately 5 hours away from where we live in Iowa, so we road trip there. I know not everyone does, but I love a road trip. We always have some great laughs and memories from the road. The top left photo is a selfie of us in our rented minivan. Shae isn't visible because she's in a rear-facing car seat in the way back. The other pics are Shae in her "Vacay All Day" shirt and Finn in his vacation shirt that we bought him in Hawaii last year. His quote (on the page) cracks me up: "This is my vacation shirt. It's really orange."
Everything but the title is from CTMH's "|Jack" workshop on the go. It includes coordinated papers and embellishments.  The title is a die cut I picked up at my LSS, Memory Bound in Ankeny, Iowa.  I wrote the dates of the vacation with a white uni-ball pen.

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