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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Social Crafting

Painting with Friends:

Having never tried one of those "wine and canvas" group painting classes before, I was super excited to do it. Paint is really not my preferred medium, especially with a brush. I enjoyed it soooo much, I've been telling all my friends we need to go do it.
We went to Social Crafting in my hometown of Monroe. It was super reasonably priced.  If you live in central Iowa, give them a look. Paula, one of the co-owners, said they'll take their show on the road to the Des Moines area too for a nominal fee.  Here's the website: http://www.social-crafting.com/ or find them up on Facebook on the Social Crafting page.  Here's a shot of our group hard at work on Wednesday night. 
And one of Jess deep in thought about her painting:

Here's our group with all our "masterpieces."
And my finished piece.


  1. Thanks molly! FYI everyone we also LOVE crafting and do many many different types of projects keep your eyes open on out facebook page for all the dates or schedule your own and invite 3 people in the month of September and paint your FREE! However as always the more the merrier

    1. Thanks! I'll be returning with friends for sure!