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Monday, June 30, 2014

Margaritaville Casino Layout

There's a lot going on in this layout from a trip to Las Vegas with Jess & Neal in January 2012.  I think the clutter-filled layout fits with the over-stimulation of a Vegas casino setting.  The photo is from the craps table at the Margaritaville Casino inside the Flamingo Hotel.  Note that Tom, Jess, Neal, & I were the only people playing at the time, and I asked the craps table employees if I could take the picture.  One sure way (of a million different ways) to get in trouble in Vegas is to take photos at any gaming table or of any random gamblers, so always ask first.  We all walked away from this table winners, so it's a great memory and one of my favorite pictures from that trip.
I originally shared this layout in a post from a crop in 2013, but never really wrote about it.  Here's the in-progress photo from the crop.  It looks like I was pretty much finished:
Since it WAS the Margaritaville Casino (look at the craps table--instead of the "Come" line, there's a "Come Monday" line), I wanted the layout to be at least a little beachy, so I used B&T papers that combined to look beach-like: The outside grey wood B&T paper is from the "Dakota" pack (a rugged, cowboyish themed pack).  The inner mat that I tore up and really distressed is the Lagoon splattered B&T paper from CTMH's "Later Sk8r" pack (a male-themed skateboard pack).
Close-ups of the dimension, distressing, and embellishments: 
I made the paper rose by tearing the spiral, gluing it, then stomping it with my foot.  I handwrote "Margaritaville Casino."  The "7" is craps related, and the other bling and metals are all just to shine it up Vegas-style.
 A lot of the embellishments are retired (like the metal tabs on the upper left).  The dice are from one of those $1 wood stamps near the checkout at Michaels stores.  I stamped "craps" with a retired CTMH alphabet set.  On a couple places I tore out whole sections of the Lagoon paper then wet it down to really crumple it and distress it.
The picture above shows more distressing.  I added a few spots of dimensional adhesive here and there to make the papers come up from the background even more.  "Instant Memories" is from another retired CTMH stamp set.
I like the look of some of the CTMH bling overlapping right on to the photo for a more festive feel.  I added the flowers for the Margaritaville theme, but blinged up the centers Vegas-style.  The same dice stamp is used three times on the layout, but it doesn't look the same because I oriented it in different ways.
Here's another look at the completed layout:

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