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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Workshop: Paper Bag Junk Album

Finally, I'm ready to do another workshop.  I love junk albums, and this one came together really quickly.  It has lots of spaces for pictures, journaling, and lots of pull-out pages and tags.  It has a rustic look and is themed for vacation pictures.

And, it's made from brown paper bags! 

Here's a peak inside and some journaling space, a mat for a pic, a little journaling tag, and a pull-out page. 

Here's the side view.  There's a lot going on in there.
* * *
Want to come over to my studio and make one?  Give me a call to set up a workshop or contact me through email, text, Facebook, or Google+. 
 * * *
Workshop Fee:  $15 (Includes Everything!)
Date & Time:  Whenever You Want!!!  Contact me and I'll work with your schedule.
Class Size:  I'm going require a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 for this project.
Difficulty Level:  Easy!  Junks albums are imperfect, so anyone can do it, and I'm limiting the class size so I'll be available to help out a lot.
Theme:  If you'd rather, we can make your album more of an outdoor, woodsy theme, or even a brighter colored beach theme (with white lunch sacks).  If you want to do an alternate themed album, let me know in advance, so I can prepare.

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