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Monday, June 18, 2012

Junk Album - Part 2

Back to my southern vacation Junk Album....

These are the first pages commemorating a couple nights spent in New Orleans.  We used to live there, and coincidentally so did our friends, so all of our time was spent in the French Quarter.  Again, I used a lot of dark colors, and vintage-look papers to reflect the dark, rundown look of the Quarter.  I embellished with metals, white colored pencil, and even some metallic watercolor paints.
I think I'll add some purple, gold & green ribbon to the rings on this page as well. 

This insert was actually a free postcard from Pat O'Brien's.  The front had great pictures, and the back was a good spot to add a snapshot and do some journaling.

The next page was a small square page, made up of one of my several hurricanes.  I added a long of bling down the right-hand side.

More fun pictures from Pat O'Brien's.  We went two nights, and the first was packed, and the second was a little slow, so we made friends with the bartender, and he let Teresa & I come behind the bar for some pictures.  I used what looked like paper from an old notebook on the right.

The last two pages are our hotel and the left and some sampling of the food we ate on the right.  I edged both sides with Tim Holtz tissue tape before adding the B&T in the middle, so it almost looks like the background is newspaper.  I used more metals, stamps, bling, and a bunch of handwritten journaling.

Next Post:  Pensacola Beach

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