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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reception Tables

Another great idea Jess had for her wedding and reception:  The reception decorations were beautiful.  It was elegant, but still very simple.  The chairs and tablecloths were white.  Daisies in assorted mason jars, vases, and bottles decorated the tables, along with white candles in smaller mason jars and clear glass containers.  Some containers had a few floating daisy flowers.

Assorted sizes of unfinished wooden hearts (available at any craft store) were scattered on the tables.  Each table had a black pen, and guests wrote short notes and drew pictures on them and left them in an empty mason jar (one provided on each table) for Jess & Neal.  Jess plans to choose her favorites to make into magnets and keep the rest as keepsakes of the day.

No two tables were alike.  It was elegant, yet economical way to decorate for an outdoor summer wedding.  It was perfect!

1 comment:

  1. The hearts are a unique idea I've never seen! I wonder if they could be hot glued onto a wreath form? They could add their family name and est. 2012 to the center or something. Hmmm, I'll bet you'll come up with something really creative for them!