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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Junk Album!

In March we went on an eight-day road trip with our friends Mark & Teresa.  All in all, we drove in Iowa (of course), Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, and Illinois.  We've done a similar trip to this twice before, so I already have many scrapbook pages from some of the places we went, so I decided to try a junk album.  A junk album is kind of like a Smash album, but you make it completely from scratch. 
This is so fun to work on!  No rules, no templates, and the sloppy pages somehow look even better than the neat ones do.

Here's a view at the side of my junk album.  I cut up a cereal box to make my front and back covers, then covered them with cs and b&t papers.  I used three ordinary rings to bind it.  The red reinforcements are just cs circles, and are really more for show than anything else.

Here's the cover again.  I used some pictures and ephemera from different stops along our trip, and added metal, paper, and stamped embellishments.  I tied some Mardi Gras beads and a tag from a sweatshirt I bought on the rings.

The first overnight stop on our trip was Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Legend has it that at the crossroads of highways 61 and 49, Robert Johnson sold his sole to the devil in exchange for his guitar talent, and thereafter began the musical genre The Blues.  We spent an exciting evening in Ground Zero Blues Club, and it's the first section of my junk album:

I punched holes in the menu and stuck it in the album.  I like it when the pages aren't all the same size.  I noted what we ordered, did a little stamping, and stuck a picture of me with the night's musical talent, Terry "Harmonica" Bean and a picture of the graffiti I did on the menu.  

Here's the last page dedicated to Ground Zero Blues Club.  I tried to use dark colors to match the interior of the club, which was dark, and completely covered with graffiti--the walls, the tables, chairs, and everything else.  I used white colored pencil for journaling, which works great on black cs.

Next post:  New Orleans

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