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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Awesome Wedding

My daughter Jessy's wedding to Neal was AWESOME.  The weather was perfect, and everything went off without one problem.  We had so much fun.  And aren't they a great looking couple?
Tom walking her down the aisle.  Don't they both look happy?  The wedding was small, 50+ guests in a white tent with white chairs in Neal's family's home backyard. (More on her handmade bouquet in a later post.)
The reception was in our yard with maybe 150 people.  Decorations were minimal, but beautiful.  We rented a white tent with white chairs and tablecloths.  On the tables were mason jars filled with daisies and white candles.  All the lights were white. 
Jess I before the wedding.

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  1. How sweet! The bride and her momma look beautiful, and everyone looks so happy. Best wishes to the new Mr. & Mrs.!